Luana Vecchio is an Italian comic book artist best known for her vibrant colors, manga influences and dream-like quality mixed with erotism and horror vibes.

She first broke into the comic book scene drawing a short story for the Millarworld Annual 2017 published by Image Comics.

In 2018/2019 she worked for the startup Confidential Comics drawing the miniseries in 4 parts ‘A Knight in Kansas City’.

In 2020 she self-published her first solo project LOVESICK, an horror miniseries in 3 parts published on Comixology Submit (no longer available)

In 2020/2021 She worked on Snow White Zombie Apocalypse (ISSUE 2-4) and on the spin off Blood Covered King both written by Brenton Lengel and published by Scout Comics.

In July 2021 she was featured in Heavy Metal Magazine #308 with the short story Something for your M.I.N.D. written by Wyatt Kennedy.

In January 19, 2022, Vecchio published her first creator-owned comic series in five issues  BOLERO  co-created with the writer Wyatt Kennedy and published by IMAGE COMICS.

She co-created with Kennedy the short comic in 3 parts ‘GOSPEL FOR A NEW CENTURY’  published on IMAGE! 30th Anthology by IMAGE COMICS.

 In October 2022 her first solo project, LOVESICK will be printed through Image Comics.  

Luana Vecchio has been given The 2022 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award at the Eisners  Ceremony in San Diego Comic-Con.