Luana Vecchio is an Italian comic book artist best known for her vibrant colors, manga influences and dream-like quality mixed with erotism, horror vibes and cuteness.

She first broke into the comic book scene drawing a short story for the Millarworld Annual 2017 published by Image Comics.

In 2018/2019 she worked for the startup Confidential Comics drawing the miniseries in 4 parts ‘A Knight in Kansas City’.

In 2020 she self-published her first solo project LOVESICK, an horror miniseries in 3 parts published on Comixology Submit (no longer available)

In 2020/2021 She worked on Snow White Zombie Apocalypse (ISSUE 2-4) and on the spin off Blood Covered King both written by Brenton Lengel and published by Scout Comics.

In July 2021 she was featured in Heavy Metal Magazine #308 with the short story Something for your M.I.N.D. written by Wyatt Kennedy.

In January 19, 2022, Vecchio published her first creator-owned comic series in five issues  BOLERO  co-created with the writer Wyatt Kennedy and published by IMAGE COMICS.

She co-created with Kennedy the short comic in 3 parts ‘GOSPEL FOR A NEW CENTURY’  published on IMAGE! 30th Anthology by IMAGE COMICS.

 In October 2022 her first solo project, LOVESICK will be printed through Image Comics.