About Me

Luana Vecchio was born in Latiano (Italy) in 1991.

In 2012, after finishing her studies at the Art School E. Simone in Brindisi, she moved from Latiano to Rome to attend the comics class at the International School of Comics.

She graduated  at the top of  her class and  won a scholarship offered by the school.

Among her work on the web, we can find “Purple”, a comic penciled, inked, lettered, colored, and written  by Luana and her sister Katia Vecchio,  which it was made for the competition “Superhero Comics Contest” Presented by Stan Lee and Pow! Entertainment in collaboration with Webtoons.

Their webtoon was positioned among the TOP 20s  in the competition.

HERE  you can read it in English.

In 2016 she has made “Le Storie Crudeli”, a short comic book story predominated by dark atmosphere and painted with watercolors. you can read it HERE

In December 2016 she won the talent search Millarworld Annual 2017 that allowed her to debut in USA with a short comic story about EMPRESS,  character created by Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen. Published by Image Comics  you can buy it HERE

In 2016/2017 she was involved by Flavia Luglioli in the project “Artiste”,  comic book about the lives of amazing women artists that history have forget .  Luana will realize a short story  about the life of the young artist Elisabetta Sirani which will be painted enterely with  watercolors. The comic book it’s currently in work in progress and will be relased at Lucca Comics and Games 2020.

In October 2017 she signed a  contract with the Indie publisher Confidential Comics. For which she made pencils , inks and covers for the comic serie in 4 parts ‘A Knight in Kansas City‘, controversial comic book that includes religious and LGBTQ themes.

The first issue was presented at the Planet Comic Con 2018 of Kansas City  and distributed in various comics shop in Missouri/Kansas and more. You can buy it on COMIXOLOGY.

In September 2018 it was released the second part of the series. You can buy it HERE.

In june 2019 Issue #3 has been distributed to all local shops in KC. Soon on comixology.

The final issue of the series will be released in summer 2020 in all local shops.

She was going to debut as a writer and artist with the comic book “LOVESICK”, a comic that combines eroticism, aestheticism and horror vibes. It tells the story about a group of dominatrixes who offer to their subscribers  eroticism and ultra-violence based entertainment on the deep web.

You can buy LOVESICK #1 and #2 HERE

LOVESICK #3 will be available this summer.



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